Bridge City Sessions isn’t the only product created at our studio! We’re available to record everything from your first demo to your latest album, no matter what the genre. We seek to create premium practice or recording experience. Our studio is roughly 750 sq. ft. with 14′ ceilings, full Orange backline, premium mics, pres and converters. We also have a clean, private bathroom (with a shower) and kitchenette area.So whether you are looking to record your next full length, mix and master, or collaborate with us to produce your next project , we have you covered!


Chris Finster(Mixing/Mastering/Editing)

Mike Ulysses(Tracking/Editing)


Available for projects not recorded at our studio, but still using our premium plug-ins and expertise. Contact us for more information


Amplifiers Microphones DI Boxes
Orange AD-30HTC Shure sm57(3),sm7b,beta91 Rupert Neve RNDI
Orange Bent Hinds Terror sE Electronics V7(3), T2, VR1(3), se8(2) Countryman 85(2)
Orange Rockerverb 100 MkIII Heil PR-31BW, PR-35
Orange Terror bass head Miktek PM10(2) Microphone Preamps
Marshal JCM800 Combo Audix OM7, D2, I5 Midas, Warm Audio, Apogee, RME
Vox AC30 Warm Audio WA-47, jr.
Fender Twin Reverb Rode NT5(2) A/D Converters
Green Bullet Apogee Ensemble(2)
Orange, Peavey, Marshall, Ampeg Cabs Poseidon Audio Kraken sub-kick RME Fireface 800